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Sgt Remo - Oh Jah (12" vinyl limited availability)


Image of Sgt Remo - Oh Jah (12" vinyl limited availability)

Order your copy of the limited print, autographed Sgt Remo - Oh Jah 12" vinyl album.
This journey started in 2007-2008 when Sgt Remo first voiced Oh Jah at Full Grown Studios in Albuquerque, NM. It was 3 AM and it was just Remo and John Bento, Full Grown Records & Mystic Vision Band, in the studio as they voiced this killer tune. Sgt Remo was unable to complete the song until 2017 when McPullish, Carson Hovestool from Austin, TX's Charlie's Records, was able to bring back to life the original riddim as well as letting Remo voice on his own production Reset Riddim used for Color Mi Badd. The amazing art work was created by Mexico City Rastafarian artist Ras Levy and the digital production was finished by San Diego's King Martyr.