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Sgt Remo & Friends - Crucial Classics (format CD)


Image of Sgt Remo & Friends - Crucial Classics (format CD)

Released on 5.31.2016. This album has been brewing for several years and features combinations with 17 worldwide reggae acts. In an interview, Sgt Remo explains “this album is the result of songs I have created with some of my friends who have been in my corner since day one.” You won’t find any big name combinations on this one. Remo stated it’s not because he does not value these artists but he did not want to pay to have combinations with artists he does not know personally just for the sake of having a famous artist on the album.
Instead, he chose to collaborate with those artists who have supported and helped his music career through the years. The same goes for the production. Riddims were hand-picked to highlight several producers you may not yet know like Master Kush Productions out of Peru, U.S. based El Artillero Productions, and more. “As an independent label and an independent artist, I am not trying to compete with any other company. I make music because of the love of music and the positive message reggae music brings to all of us. We are doing it in our own capacity and helping to bring to the forefront those who supported us from day one. Still, we are producing the album with the highest level of quality and production standards.”
The album features 4 artists from the Chicago-based indie label D.O.V.E. Musik. They include Nego Hights, Princess Kazayah, Ras Arcane, and Ras I-Dre. Texas reggae artists Kwame from Jah Seed band and Soulfiya are also featured. New Mexico artists Dre-Z, and Ras Elijah Tafari collaborated on two separate songs. Atlanta based Mistah Blaze is featured on a wicked combination with Remo & I-Dre. On the international level, foundation reggae veteran General Smiley from the duo Michigan & Smiley provided a great collaboration with Sgt Remo. U.K.’s Daddy Lynx is featured on a killer track called From the Block. Chile’s Manu Dread, Spain’s Roe Delgado, Mexico’s Ras Levy & Leona de Etiopia, as well as Colombian Haffid Kandela all round out the album with some crucial Spanish collaborations making this a truly international and bilingual release. Also featured is the soulful Charles X, originally from L.A. but currently making huge waves in France.